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Video Games as a hobby, you say?

Why, yes! At this point I’m one of many people who has found video games to not just be a simple and brief way of entertaining ourselves but, in fact, has found that you can make a hobby out of them.

And, like many people, I happen to like talking about my opinions of the hobby I have. So here we are.

Games have developed in a huge way since their birth. Today we have huge, online roleplaying games that build their own communities. We have games where you can form emotional attachments to your character and to other characters presented to you. And as the media of video games has evolved in such a dynamic way, so has our ability to play them and our ability to analyse them and what they mean to us.

For me, video games have had a very large impact on my life. Positive, and negative both. They have lead me to some of my best ever friends, and they have introduced me to terribly toxic people. They have encouraged me to think critically about media that I consume and about big corporate decisions. It warrants talking about, in my opinion.

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Who is Airyll?

The name Airyll came about over ten years ago as a moniker when I made my character on a game called Perfect World International. I liked it, and it stuck.

Of course the name isn’t just why you’re here but I figured we’d start with “Why the weird name?” to break the ice a little. My actual name is Cassandra Grimes, often just Cassie (please don’t ever spell that with a ‘y’ thanks) and I’m a British arsehole in my mid-twenties who has a lot of opinions about a lot of things.

I draw, normally digitally, and I write creatively. Both of these things I have been doing since I was a wee little baby, although we can all likely agree that I was probably a lot more shit at both when I was younger. I also have worked with and trained dogs since a young age too, and video games are arguably the biggest of my hobbies because if I’m going to be an addict to anything in this world, it’s going to be to pixels and making pixels look pretty. You cannot fight crime if you aren’t cute.

Naturally, playing video games and having an opinion and enjoying writing means that I, like others before me, have chosen to throw my hat into the ring of “talking about video games.” That said, I can’t edit YouTube videos to save my life so we’re just going to do it the old fashioned way with a keyboard and a website and then whoring myself out on social media to try and get traffic.

Why a website?

I’ve always wanted to have a website of my own, a personal space that is quite simply mine to do with as I please, and where I can speak my mind properly.

I’m autistic, and for the entirety of my life I have struggled to deal with society from a social standpoint. In recent years, my identity as an autistic person has meant more and more to me as society itself becomes more polarised on the issue. On the one hand, there’s more support than ever for me to try and help me learn the coping mechanisms and skills that I had no help with as a younger person. On the other hand at the exact same time, autism is being branded like some kind of avoidable disease by anti-vaccination parents and there’s an underlying and damning message of “I would sooner my child die to a preventable disease than be autistic” and man, that just cuts deep.

While “safe spaces” are a joke on the internet these days, the reality is that having somewhere I can talk about myself or my opinions in a free manner, in the way I want to talk about them, means a lot. I’m beholden to no rules on this website except the rules I set for myself, and this also means that I can firmly state the expectations of visitors on this website before they engage with the content, too. Having a website has always actually meant quite a lot to me. Now I just need to be less shit at keeping it updated and adding content to it on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in more personal aspects of myself, reasons as to why I wanted a website or just curious about my life outside of video games, you can visit my personal blog and read through that. Now totally free of video game content, too! Three cheers for organisation!

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