The airy aerie
The airy aerie The airy aerie

The personal website and home of Airyll
- aka Cassandra Grimes.

THE AIRY AERIE is the pet project of Cassandra Grimes and reflects only her opinions. Nothing more. That’s it.







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AIRYLL - who on earth runs this website?

It’s a fair enough question to ask.

Let’s set the record straight: I’m terrible at introductions. (And I’m not a dog.)

Hi! I’m actually Cassandra Grimes - Cassie for short - and I’m a young lady in my twenties that calls England her home.

I’ve always wanted to run a website where I can post my thoughts and opinions and the things I’ve worked hard on - from videos to reviews to simple personal updates. The problem is, however, I’ve been inherently bloody awful at doing that. I mean, at first it was just because I was bloody awful at designing things. Then it was because I was just terrible at working out a good update schedule. Then it was because I had a job that tired me out and I had no energy to get anything build once I got home. All of them fabulous excuses, don’t you think?

So here we are, years later, and I’m determined to make this website work. It will live, dang it! Live!

There’s more to me than just the website, of course.

I’m a huge dog person, having grown up around the animals all my life and helping to feed, walk, train and show them as I became old enough to take on the responsibility. This said, I also love pretty much any other kind of animal too, apart from wasps. Wasps are small flying balls of hatred and I have no tolerance of them.

I also love to draw and to write, and I’ve been doing both of those things since I was very small, too. I’m particularly a fan of fiction writing; before I was putting pen to paper I was verbally telling stories to my father during the usual evening walk to the park. Since then, I’ve let my imagination keep all of its creative freedom but have worked to help it focus, allowing me to create entire worlds filled with different races and locations and lore, and within that world a whole cast of characters. I would, quite seriously, like to try and further improve my abilities to one day become an author.

Drawing and art I’ve been doing equally as long, but perhaps slightly less dedicated to. I have a passion and love for it, and it’s another thing I aim to better improve on in the foreseeable future which is, quite simply: practise, practise, practise!

I have struggled with anxiety and depression for many of my younger years, though I’m happy to say that I’m on a steady road to recovery despite some heavy setbacks. I also struggle slightly with being on the autistic spectrum, though I’m by no means heavily autistic and can generally manage and function without the need for medication. Most of my problems on that front come in the form of difficulty reading social queues, difficulty focusing on some tasks while also hyperfocusing on others.

Finally, I have a nigh-indestructible love of video games. If I could turn that hobby into a job somehow, I might very well do it in a heartbeat. But until then, I’m more than happy to do it just for fun, too.

The Breakdown of Basics

Where’d “Airyll” come from?

The online moniker Airyll came from a video game, actually. Playing an MMORPG, I tried to create a character called “Aryll” only to find the name was taken. In order to keep the name as close as possible, I added an ‘i’ and thus, Airyll was born.

The appearance of the character is precisely how she looked in that game, too.

How many dogs does it take to make a dog lover?

Actually, just one, but for me I’ve grown up with dogs my whole damn life - and I wouldn’t change that for a second.

Currently between two family households, we own, show and love a total of seven dogs. Technically six dogs and one bitch. I’ve helped to raise and train each and every one, at least to an extent, so I consider myself well-versed in puppers and what they do.

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