Clashing Cultures are very Strange™

Seasons greetings! From Florida, I might add.

I have to thank my beloved mother for making me being in Florida right now possible, otherwise I’d actually be back in England writing this from my own desktop. Which I kind of miss a little bit and I’m excited to see next year, but also I don’t miss it one single jot at the very same time. My Christmas present this year was extending an originally three week trip to Florida into a three month one, skirting just under the ninety days I get to stay in the USA without a visa thanks to the Visa Waiver programme in place.

I’ve been here since October and preparing for it for even longer, which is why you haven’t heard anything from me until now. I also pretty much abandoned all manner of gadgetry aside from my phone, for pictures, and sometimes the internet just to see how badly the world was or wasn’t on fire.

Spending three months in a different country is an interesting experience, though. Three months is, after all, an entire quarter of a year. Most vacations are never that long, so while you can get a hint of culture, you never really see it for very long or need to acclimate to it. It isn’t like I haven’t been to America before either; I’ve spent a total of two or so months in Texas across two different trips at different years, a couple of weeks in Michigan and I’ve been to Florida previously for three weeks, too. But being here for three months has made me realise just how different things can be… and often it’s the smallest differences that make me stare the longest.

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Happy Birthday (to myself)

Another May the 4th, another day of Star Wars jokes that seem increasingly inescapable and a Tumblr-proclaimed remembrance day for Carrie Fisher, and another birthday. I’m twenty-five this year, so we can officially say that I’m a quarter of the way through my life. I mean… I hope I’m a quarter of the way through my life. I don’t plan on being the next oldest person alive but with the average lifespan getting a little older each year…

I’m getting distracted. Moving on!

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