About Autism: the Concept of Time

Preface: these posts are about my personal experiences and my personal opinion with regards to autism. I’m not a mental health professional of any sort, nor am claiming to be one. I also do not claim to speak for everybody that has autism, I’m discussing my own experiences. Please keep this in mind while you read any posts in the About Autism series.

It’s often said that time is experienced differently by individuals and that the concept of time itself is a purely human construction. Our idea of time as a society has been constructed and made based around us and what we do.

That said, I often find myself swept up in tasks or chores and generally not adhering – nor not able to adhere – to a schedule everybody else seems to have. Days and nights don’t frankly matter to me because I don’t process them the same way, nor do I process an hour the same way anybody else seems to either. Today, I want to talk a little bit about how I experience time and things that, as a result, I find frustrating or difficult to deal with. I’m writing it because I figure, why not? And maybe it will interest some of you.

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Happy Birthday (to myself)

Another May the 4th, another day of Star Wars jokes that seem increasingly inescapable and a Tumblr-proclaimed remembrance day for Carrie Fisher, and another birthday. I’m twenty-five this year, so we can officially say that I’m a quarter of the way through my life. I mean… I hope I’m a quarter of the way through my life. I don’t plan on being the next oldest person alive but with the average lifespan getting a little older each year…

I’m getting distracted. Moving on!

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