FFXIV Classes and Combat – Part Two

Rotation, rotation, rotation.

Every class in FFXIV:ARR has something called a “rotation” – a series of skills in a specific order that optimise the output of damage or healing that it can do. Some rotations are more obvious than others and the game gives you a hand by highlighting the follow-up skills with a small yellow dotted border around the next skill in sequence. Others, however, require a small bit of study (or one good look at a guide!) to understand when they should be used, and what skills to use them in conjunction with.

The other important thing to remember about the skills in this game? The vast majority of them work on a “Global Cooldown” basis – which means when you use one skill, they all go onto a cooldown. A few select skills are “Off Global Cooldown” and can be used even when others cannot be, and they’re often equally important.

So then, shall we dive in?

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FFXIV Classes and Combat – Part One

I recently did a review on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which discussed in brief aspects of the game that I enjoyed, aspects that could be considered negative and spoke very loosely about the game overall. Because it’s a big game and to fit a fully in-depth review into one video would make a webpage much too long.

I glossed over combat in particular, because there’s a lot to combat in FFXIV that adds up to make a really fun experience overall. I’d like to do the game a little bit more justice – and perhaps humour any readers who wanted to know more – by going into a bit more depth about the combat that’s available in the game and why I enjoy it so much. Thus, this is part one in… two? Maybe three. You know what? I don’t have this all planned out yet, so it could be two or three parts. Regardless, this is part one, and we’ll be focusing in this post on the Holy Trinity of class types and how they play in Final Fantasy XIV.

Please also take this with a grain of salt and the knowledge that the up and coming Stormblood plans to bring small but important quality of life changes to all the classes.

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Final Fantasy XIV: there’s too many screenshots!

I love making my characters look pretty. I also love taking screenshots of my characters. I especially do this in customisation-heavy games where there are a tonne of different looks available, which means RPGs of any kind are particularly good screenshot fodder. Final Fantasy XIV, however, has to be the one online game that offers some of the best screenshot tools I’ve ever seen in the games I’ve played. It’s great, and not just because it gives me a practical second game to play. It’s pretty darned good for the community, too.

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Video Games: When Decisions Actually Matter

After approximately three whole days of relative sunshine, the weather of Great Britain has returned to its usual piss miserable self and promptly rained upon the nation. Not that it matters, because it isn’t like I’ve had a chance to go outside and enjoy that weather while my dog’s been recovering from surgery, but now I don’t even have the ability to look outside my window and admire what a nice day it is.

So with that in mind, I figured I’d write a post about video games. Because, well, why not, really?

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