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Contact the Airy Aerie

There are a few ways to get in touch with me, depending on the nature of your reason for contact.

You probably aren’t going to find a mobile number or physical address for me on this website itself, as these will only be given out on a case by case basis where they are necessary.

For everything else, however, there’s either an email or a username! You can find these details on the right side of this page and you’re free to use them. Note that Discord is the best and quickest way to contact me (for any reason, be it related to the website or commissions or just general contact.)

With anything related to business, even if you initially contact me through Discord, I will insist that further communication is done through email so that I have records of transactions and agreements. I do also have social media accounts, though my use of these is sporadic and they are not the recommended way to get in touch with me.

Discord: Airyll#0882

Steam: Airyll

For business regarding the website, email:


For business regarding commissions, email:


If you require further and more personal contact details, these will be provided through email correspondence when necessary.