The airy aerie
The airy aerie The airy aerie

The personal website and home of Airyll
- aka Cassandra Grimes.

THE AIRY AERIE is the pet project of Cassandra Grimes and reflects only her opinions. Nothing more. That’s it.







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All content on THE AIRY AERIE is non-profit - which means that we pay for everything out of our personal pocket and nothing is sponsored or paid for by a corporation of any kind. We intend to keep it that way, too!
However, if you’ve been enjoying the site and want to help us keep on producing that content, you’re always welcome to donate. Donations are accepted through Paypal, and we’re working on setting up a Patreon account for any who feel like giving on a monthly basis.

Our content will always be free to everybody, and that’s a promise we intend to keep.


Opinion Pieces

DISCLAIMER: All opinion pieces available to read are simply my personal opinion and nothing more than that. They are not representative of other individuals or corporations, nor should they be treated as such. Certain opinion pieces may cover topics that some readers find uncomfortable or distressing.

Sometimes I just want to say things about certain subjects. A rave, a rant, or just simply a few paragraphs on a topic I feel like talking about; all of these things typically wind up here.

Or vented about somewhere to a close friend on Skype with an interest in the same subject.

From things happening in the video game world to politics of the present day to things happening in the dog world, I tend to have a lot of opinions about a lot of things - and if I’m honest, I tend to enjoy saying them.

If you’re interested in what I’m saying, too, then you can find a list of opinion pieces to the right of this page. They’re listed simply in the order that they get posted, rather than organised into any particular manner, but I have been good enough to split them up into different segments for easier access. Because, truly, I care.

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