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Originally a pipe dream of Digital Extremes, Warframe is now one of the most popular free to play games on Steam and has seen huge success beyond anything that was predicted for it. Yet how does the game hold up to the often glowing praise it receives?

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A short but nonetheless magical journey through an ocean of untold mysteries, ABZU retains the same heart of its spiritual predecessor and yet lacks in similar fashion, too.

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God Eater Resurrection

It’s an anime Monster Hunter! What more could we want, right? What could go wrong? Well… everything. Everything can go wrong. This was a bad idea.

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Player Retention Ain’t Great

The modern implementation of player retention is garbage and goes against the very principle of “games”. In other words: thanks, I hate it.

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Feeling a little BLU

It is a sad day for everybody when players make unreasonable demands, and then developers put both of their feet into their mouth at the same time. BLU is a good example of this.

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