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Opinions are everywhere, and in the modern day society where social media is something of a plague upon mankind and has been scientifically proven to play a large role in stunting social growth and leaving a younger population more prone to depression, we all like to have a place where we can share those opinions that we have. Normally this happens on places like Facebook and this leaves us with a constant bitter taste lingering in our mouths as we realise that some people we thought we really liked actually support the worst of the worst and then we question whether we like social media for making it easier to remove toxic people from our lives or whether we hate it for ruining what probably would have been a fine friendship otherwise.

Personally, I’ve always loved the idea of having my own website under my own control where I don’t need to worry about some third party company trying to steal my information to sell it to advertisers. And so here we are, on the Aerie, with all the opinions of a social media site and none of the third party media scrambling to get your information. How nice!


Currently undergoing some renovations - and by that I mean I’m rebuilding and restructuring the whole site and blog. Please bear with me while we tidy everything up and look forward to a shiny new site!

Free - Forever

This site is not and will never be supported by adverts, nor does this site want any of your information. I’ll go to an early grave before that.

The Admin

The Airy Aerie is created, in its entirety, by Cassandra Grimes (hi, that’s me!) You can read more about the administrator if you want to.


The main purpose of this site was for me to write and host my reviews of various video games, and that remains true. Now in blog form!

Personal Blog

The personal blog from before remains, except now it’s going to be entirely personal and not feature video game content.