The airy aerie
The airy aerie The airy aerie

The personal website and home of Airyll
- aka Cassandra Grimes.

THE AIRY AERIE is the pet project of Cassandra Grimes and reflects only her opinions. Nothing more. That’s it.







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All content on THE AIRY AERIE is non-profit - which means that we pay for everything out of our personal pocket and nothing is sponsored or paid for by a corporation of any kind. We intend to keep it that way, too!
However, if you’ve been enjoying the site and want to help us keep on producing that content, you’re always welcome to donate. Donations are accepted through Paypal, and we’re working on setting up a Patreon account for any who feel like giving on a monthly basis.

Our content will always be free to everybody, and that’s a promise we intend to keep.

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Who is Airyll?

I’m the talking piece on this website! I make the content and post it up. Please feel free to read a bit more about me here!


Warframe : RNG Ninjas stuck Grinding


Do you ever have a game that you really, really love, and it hurts you to see how the game handles certain mechanics which, in turn, make the game kind of awful?

Because Warframe, for me, is that game.

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UPDATED: 14 // 09 // 2017

Welcome to the Airy Aerie

Home of Cassandra Grimes - aka Airyll - this website has been a pet project for about ten years. And I wish I was kidding when I said that, but no; for about ten years I have been trying to build a website, and either then succeeding to build one but failing to keep it up to date or just failing to finish building one entirely.

Now in 2017, a new day dawns and a new website has been made. Except this one is almost completed, and I feel motivated enough to update it. So let’s hope, shall we?

You’ll find many things on this website, but the main things that you’ll find are: video game reviews, opinion pieces and links to personal projects like YouTube videos or more. The site is a hub for everything I want to do and show off to the public, and so it has no strict focus on anything outside of “a thing that I done did and am vaguely proud of.”

I’ve spent many years dabbling in these things, like reviews or YouTube videos, so I’m hoping that if I keep this up to date that maybe one day I can make a career out of at least one thing I currently do as a hobby. Only time will be able to tell how much we succeed in that regard.

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